Meet the City Road Comms team: Scott Rimell

Scott Rimell joined City Road Comms (CRC) in late 2021, having taken an interesting path after leaving school. Time spent teaching English in China and Indonesia was followed by an English Language and Linguistics degree at Sheffield University, which was followed by a post-grad course in Politics and Media.

Coming on board as a communications executive, Scott was largely new to the world of PR and comms when he joined CRC. But in the two-and-a-half years since, he’s progressed seamlessly, particularly in establishing himself in the personal finance space – Scott works across several of CRC’s consumer-facing financial services clients, including an independent financial adviser and one of the UK’s leading digital banks.

In this blog, Scott sheds a little more light on his journey into PR and comms as well as reflecting on his time at CRC so far.

What attracted you to work in PR and communications?

Coming out of university, I found myself faced with the common post-graduate conundrum of, “Uhm what now?”. While confident that I wanted to put the research and writing skills that I’d picked up through my English Language and Linguistics degree to good use, I wasn’t exactly sure where to jump in. After a little digging into the world of PR and comms, I soon realised that this was an area where I could not only flex those skills but also but also satisfy my need to keep up with what’s going on around the world.

In the end, the mix of strategising, working within different sectors, problem-solving, and the occasional high-pressure situation felt like the right fit for my style of working

What do you enjoy about working at City Road Comms?

I would have to say the team. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people at CRC. Each member of the team adds their own professional touch, unique experiences, and strengths, making the process of generating new ideas much more enjoyable.

We may be a small team but when we collaborate there’s never any shortage of great ideas. And when it comes to starting a new campaign or moving onto a new account, I know I’ve got solid support to lean on.

Describe your job in three words?

Reading the news.

What achievement are you most proud of since being with the agency?

In the lead up to and following last year’s Spring Budget, we achieved an excellent range of national and broadcast media coverage for a B2C personal finance client, including several radio appearances. Given how hugely competitive political announcements like the Budget are from a PR perspective, it was a rewarding campaign – it showed that we got everything right in terms of messaging, timing, and being on the pulse of the political and economic situation in the country at the time.

What is the last book you read or listened to?

Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory. It’s a collection of absurdist short stories by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, who also created the show BoJack Horseman. Some of the stories are more interesting than others but altogether it’s a very witty and entertaining series with a good mix of tragedy, romance and dark humour.

What are you most likely to be found doing outside of work?

On a walk exploring the pubs and food of an area of London I’ve not been to yet.

Scott Rimell

Account Executive

About the author

Scott joined the City Road Comms team as a Communications Executive at the end of 2021. Prior to this he gained a degree in English language and linguistics and a Masters in politics and media from the University of Sheffield, after a period of time working in the ESL industry.


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