Case Study: Fountech


Artificial intelligence is one of the “buzzwords” of 2019. Yet much of what is said or written in the media portrays AI in the slightly more fanciful way that we have become accustomed to in sci-fi movies. That’s why, ever since we started working with AI think tank and development company Fountech in early 2019, we’ve been on a mission to educate consumers and businesses alike about exactly what this technology entails and its vast disruptive potential.

“We’d never worked with a PR agency prior to City Road Comms, but it’s proved a great decision. They’ve created so many interesting angles to promote our work and get us in ideal publications, while their web and social content also helps us engage with our audience more effectively. It’s a pleasure working with such a professional, responsive team.” – Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and Founder of Fountech


To bring about education of what AI technology can actually do we created a PR strategy built around developing high-level, expert content on behalf of Fountech — to do so we tapped into the vast knowledge and experience its AI boffins possess, with the City Road Comms team then weaving all of their insights into newsworthy stories.


We built out our PR strategy with research collected from carrying out consumer surveys – this allowed us to directly address common falsities and target very specific industries to secure coverage in trade publications serving those sectors. Typically, coverage came in the form of articles from Fountech’s CEO, Nikolas Kairinos, where he incorporated his knowledge with his real life experiences to educate organisations on how and why they can leverage AI to achieve specific outcomes. 

One particular campaign that garnered strong interest in the press was on the topic of ‘over-hype’ in the AI sector and why cashing in on it could prove risky. Nick was featured in leading titles like IT Pro Portal, Open Access Government and UKTN offering his expertise on the nuances of the AI market.

Further to this, we also executed a series of content marketing activities for Fountech. From daily posting on their social media platforms to writing regular blogs and sending out a monthly e-newsletter. This additional activity allows us to promote the exciting projects at Fountech and reactively comment and share on breaking news stories within the sector. Have a sneak peek at one of their monthly newsletters here.


In the first five months of working with Fountech (between February 2019 and June 2019 inclusive) we managed to get Fountech in the media 58 times. This includes national publications and specialist industry publications — in turn, this means that business leaders are learning about how they could use AI and, importantly, why they should approach Fountech as an expert who can help them do just that. Have a scroll through Fountech’s 2019 media coverage here.



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Case study: Fountech

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