Case study: Soffos


Soffos is a tech and software development company that specialises in advanced natural language processing (NLP) applications, enabling businesses and developers to use the low-code Soffos Platform to integrate NLP artificial intelligence (AI) technology into their existing applications or websites with ease.

The exclusive for this press release was taken by Forbes.


To complement their business facing low-code AI solutions, Soffos launched a pioneering EdTech programme called ‘TestMe’, which is an AI-powered Q+A learning app designed to generate open-ended ‘quiz style’ tests from students’ notes. Therefore, we were asked to conduct an impactful PR campaign to raise awareness for the product, the brand, and the benefits that NLP technology can provide to users.


To achieve this, we carried out a quantitative research campaign in March 2022, two years on from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing shift to online working for many schools and educational institutions. To align with the anniversary of the first UK lockdown, we wanted to position Soffos – and its new product – as the solution to the plethora of issues that students faced in the so-called ‘new normal’ of online lectures and seminars. To do so, we needed to uncover a set of unique insights into what students needed and required from their EdTech solutions.

We commissioned an independent survey of more than 1,000 UK adults, all of whom had completed an academic or professional qualification during the pandemic. The research examined:

  • Whether students preferred in-person or online learning
  • If online learning was more convenient than in-person learning
  • Whether students felt that they had received a poorer quality of education due to the shift to online learning
  • How students thought their future career prospects might be impacted by online learning during the pandemic
  • What students wanted from their EdTech solutions

Alongside this quantitative research campaign, we secured a series of Q+As and interviews with the CEO of Soffos to discuss the launch of the ‘TestMe’ product, the Soffos brand and to delve deeper into the issues facing students, as well as the EdTech industry more generally.


The research revealed some interesting results, which we released gradually throughout the campaign in a series of press releases, Q+As and reactive commentary opportunities.

The first press release was distributed to great effect, and the data garnered some fantastic coverage from the national and trade press. The exclusive for this press release was taken by Forbes:

Forbes – 102 Million monthly unique visits – Another Bad Report Card For Remote, Online Learning

We then commenced a wider sell-in of the data, receiving coverage in key media targets for Soffos, including articles in the likes of FE NewsBusiness Mondays, and Business in the News.



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